Welcome to Prague and the LEN European Junior Championships in Synchronised “Artistic” Swimming 2019

Message from the LEN President

Dear Synchro Family Members, Dear Friends,

After the memorable reunion on 19 January this year to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Czechoslovak Swimming Federation, we are really proud that these celebrations are kind of extended by our Czech friends as you stage the European Junior Artistic (Synchronised) Swimming Championships in Prague this summer. We do think this is the best way to maintain this century- old legacy of aquatics in this great country (and let me add that Slovakia also takes its share by organising a world age-group event later this year).

Hosting events is really beneficial for everyone, either taking part in the planning and delivery part of the process or enjoying the meet itself. Members of the organising committee shall gain great experience they could use in their everyday work in the following years or when something even larger-scaled edition might come their way.

I’m sure that our young synchro swimmers will find a professionally designed and perfectly created environment where they could offer their very best during the competitions. And this is going to be their benefit – and ultimately for all of us who are committed to keep European Aquatics on top among all continents.

Europe is unique in many ways but in aquatics no other continents can look back on such traditions as we do. And among those traditions one of the most important is to have these age-group events since decades and to stage them in every single year. The standards of these youth and junior meets are aimed to be the highest possible. This gives tremendous advantage of Europe’s brightest prodigies, to test themselves in real competitions, where the level is high in and outside the pool, including the arbitration part, the organisation and every other aspect.

This is European Aquatics at its best, supporting each other’s development. LEN is proud to back its National Federations where the different programmes are getting more and more professional. Together with our distinguished Partners we are working constantly to offer more and more to our members, whether it’s ‘big-time’ European Championships or age-group events or other development projects.

Let me thank the Czech Swimming Federation, the city of Prague, all organisers and volunteers and the local Partners for delivering this event. I’m sure that it’s going to be another outstanding edition of the synchro junior European Championships – for the benefit of all.

I wish all the participants the best of luck!

Paolo Barelli, LEN President


Message from the President of the Czech Swimming Federation

Dear competitors and visitors to the European Junior Championship in Synchronised “Artistic” Swimming,

please accept my warmest welcome to the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague.

The Czech Swimming Federation is happy and very proud to organize this year’s championship. So far, two European Junior Swimming Championships and one European Junior Diving Championship have been successfully held here. We will do our best so that this championship in Synchronised “Artistic” swimming is arranged to your satisfaction. We are sure that our capital will welcome you warmly and in addition, it will also reveal to you some of its historic beauty and magic during the week you are spending here.

We are also delighted to welcome you all to our beautiful swimming area of Podolí, which is located in a picturesque valley next to the Vltava River, not far from the city center. For sure, the ambience of this place will help creating the positive atmosphere. Your satisfaction will be taken care of by everyone participating in the championship organization, headed by the Organizing Committee.

Me personally, the Organizing Committee and all the swimming sports’ fans in the Czech Republic are looking forward to welcoming all participants. I wish you, from the bottom of my heart, a lot of luck and gaining a lot of unforgettable experiences in Prague as well as making new friendships that will last for long.

Petr Ryška, President of the Czech Swimming Federation


Message from the Chairman of the Organising Committee

Dear Friends,

On behalf of the Czech Swimming Federation and the Organising Committee I am very happy to welcome you in my beloved city of Prague and at our Podolí swimming pool on the occasion of the European Junior Artistic “Synchronised” Swimming Championships 2019. This year Czech swimming celebrates a very important anniversary- 100 years of its existence. 100 years is just like a split of second for the mankind but it is a long period of many successful results and achievements for swimmers and the Czech Federation. It is not only medals won by our athletes but also good organisation of many high level international competitions, which we are proud of.

We will do our best to provide you our warm hospitality and make sure you feel in Prague like at home. The Podolí swimming pool has been included among top 100 architectonic buildings of the Czech Republic of the last century. It hosted many international competitions, among others also the European Cup in Synchronised swimming in 1998, so I am sure it offers good facilities to provide the best conditions for you to perform at your best and achieve great results. I hope that you also find some time to explore Prague and discover some of its beauty that will intrigue you to come back in the future. I wish all of you good luck and most importantly a lot of joy during the competition!

Hana Novotna, Chairman of the Organising Committee

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